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Can I flatten my tummy with colonics?

You will almost certainly notice a flatter tummy after your colonic hydrotherapy treatment. This is because many people carry kilos of faecal matter and gas in their bowel which, when removed can the benefit of creating a flatter tummy.

Do colonic and probiotics go well together?

Probiotics and colonics have always gone hand to hand. For decades natural wellbeing practitioners have been encouraging this healthy combination which seems to clear old matter and replace it with the good healthy stuff when done in tandem.

Will I lose weight after a colonic?

Many people report increased weight loss post treatment. However, this cannot be guaranteed. If weight loss is the goal considering combining colonics with a healthy diet and and exercise programme and reducing intake of sugar and alcohol.

Should I take probiotics when undergoing colonics?

It is generally accepted that probiotics can be taken all the time. Such is the proliferation of imbalanced gut floras in the bowel. Certainly a course of probiotics is recommended post treatment.

Can colonics remove or disturb gut microbiome?

Remember that a fundamental function of the bowel is to remove water from matter and ultimately to turn it into solid matter. The journey of matter through the bowel – all that churning, and swinging, and squeezing of the haustral walls – is to remove water from matter so that it can be solid waster ready for exiting the body. Colonic hydrotherapy uses water. If water could cause imbalances to the bowel and gut flora, that would be a problem since one of the main functions of the gut and bowel is to deal with water.

Can colonics remove candida?

Some people believe that imbalanced gut flora proliferating around the bowel wall can be reduced with colonics. Certainly, it is common to see white fluffy matter leaving the bowel at the end of the treatment. This is thought to be the same matter that proliferates on the tongue when the body is in a state of dysbiosis.