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What is Colonic Irrigation?

Colonic irrigation is a long established natural wellness therapy that uses warm purified water to clear and cleanse the bowel. Many people report the following benefits post treatment:

Flatter tummy

Less bloating

Reduced constipation

Improved IBS

Clearer skin

Reduced brain fog

Boosted energy

Better Sleep


Do colonics really work?

Certainly colonics work to remove bowel impaction, reduce constipation, to detoxify the body, to reduce bloating and to boost hydration. Being relieved of all of these issues may offer a long list of other benefits to the body and mind. Certainly the treatment is very much in demand today as the general population becomes more and more aware of wellbeing modalities and in particular gut health.

Who can have colonics?

Colonics are available to anyone who wishes to improve their gut function and wellbeing in line with better lifestyle and dietary choices. For those who are sick or under the care of a medical doctor, who have any contraindicated condition or who are currently going through or suspect they might have a disease or illness, colonics irrigation is not provided.

Are colonics harmful?

If water was harmful to the body, that would be a problem. The body is made up of 90% water. Unfortunately some people comment on colonics without ever having undergone the treatment. It does seem that the protests of those who negate the treatment stem from revulsion at the idea of the treatment which is often much more pleasant than what a person could imagine.

I would like to have colonics but I am very nervous.

If you are excessively nervous, its best not to book. But if you can muster up the courage you may be pleasantly surprised at just how easy and nice colonic hydrotherapy can be. It is even possible for the treatment to be done in absolute privacy these days. With The Harley Street Method tubes are just about the size of a pen tip an can be self inserted if preferred.