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BowelScreen: The National Bowel Screening Programme

Everyone should make bowel care a priority especially those who have ongoing symptoms of constipation, IBS, bloating and cramping. If you have these symptoms, it is recommended to get them checked out by a medical doctor by undergoing a colonoscopy.


BowelScreen is the National Bowel Screening Programme which offers free bowel screening to people aged 60 to 69 every 2 years.

Bowel screening aims to detect signs of bowel cancer at an early stage, where there are no symptoms.

The test is free and is done by you at home. You need to be on the bowel screening register to be sent an invitation to receive a home screening test kit. See ‘How to register for BowelScreen’ below.

Contact your GP if you have any symptoms of bowel cancer. Never ignore symptoms, even if you have had a recent normal screening result.

The BowelScreen test

You will be sent a screening test kit that includes step-by-step instructions for self-administration of the test at home. The HSE will post the free test to you.

You then send the completed test back to BowelScreen using the pre-paid envelope provided. Your test results will be sent to you within 4 weeks. If you have registered your GP details, they will also receive a copy of your results.

If you get an abnormal result from your sample, you’ll be offered a colonoscopy appointment.

Can I have colonics when undergoing bowel cancer therapy?

No. Colonics will not be provided to any person who is under the care of a medical practitioner.