Food Intolerance Testing

What is a food intolerance test?

A food intolerance test is a test that helps to identify foods which may be contributory to gut health issues.

Who should have a food intolerance test?

Anyone who has ongoing constipation, bloating, IBS or skin issues might considering a food intolerance test to identify imbalances which may be the underlying cause of food intolerances.

What will I find out?

You will find out which foods are currently imbalanced. This is a good way to begin a trial elimination of suspected food intolerances, as it offers a place to start.

How long should I eliminated suspected food intolerances?

The standard approach to food intolerances is to eliminate suspect foods for no more than three months.

Should I give up any foods permanently?

No. If the imbalances that show up on your test are food intolerance, they should clear when removed from the diet, when avoided for a certain amount of time. A wellbeing food intolerance test will identify imbalances which may be contributing to the food intolerance. These are the foods you could focus on, and very often avoiding them for three months is quite long enough, and they can then be re-introduced into the diet.

What if I still have symptoms after three months of following the test results?

Its time to book in with your doctor who will offer a recommendation of how to move forward.