Vitality Living Weightloss Diet Dublin

For those aiming to lose weight colonic hydrotherapy can be an excellent treatment when combined with a healthy diet, exercise and better lifestyle choices. Although there is no specific diet that is recommended to those considering colonic irrigation, it is generally accepted that certain foods should be limited in order to experience optimal results.

Can I have a colonic when on a diet?

Yes, you can. For many people a new diet can cause the bowel to stop. Those who are on a keto diet or who are taking Ozempic often notice changes to their bowel motions. So long as your doctor agrees, you can certainly cleanse your bowel, and liver with colonics when you are dieting or making healthy lifestyle changes to boost weight loss.

What should I eat after a colonic?

You can eat, and yes you should eat directly after your treatment as you will be tired and will need to take in calories. A light meal after colonic hydrotherapy is recommended. Consider something nourishing and healthy like soup, stew or any other meal that you would consume on a daily basis and that you feel would not upset your gut.

What foods should I avoid after a colonic?

There are no foods to avoid but it makes sense to chose light foods after you colonic treatment to ensure your body has an optimal opportunity to gain nutrients and to avoid gas and cramping with can happen especially when the wrong foods are taken post colonic.

Red Meat

The transit time for red meat is long which means that it does not pass easily through the colon. It would seem appropriate to limit red meat after the treatment or to reduce its consumption to a small portion on the day of the treatment.

White Carbohydrates

Small portions of brown rice, pasta and bread should be consumed. White starchy carbs are best avoided as they do seem to bloat out the gut for many people.

Fizzy Drinks

Drinking carbonated fizzy drinks – even sparkling water – can have a cramping effect in the bowel especially after colonics. It is best to avoid fizzy drinks for at least 3 days post treatment, and to considering replacing them with flat cordials and (better still) plain water long-term for optimal gut care.

Can I drink after colonic hydrotherapy?

Water and juices. Yes.

Alcohol is best avoided for 24 hours post treatment as you may feel unusually inebriated due to the fact that your liver and colon are cleaner than normal.

Do colonics cause weight loss?

Although no studies exist to fully measure weight loss after colonics, there has been reports of people losing up to three pounds in the weeks following the treatment.