Vitality Living Method Nutrition

What should I eat before a colonic?

You should eat a light meal about two hours before your colonic hydrotherapy session, and then fast. This is only so that you feel optimally comfortable during your treatment.

Should I fast before a colonic hydrotherapy treatment?

No. Not for more than two hours. If you fast for more than 2 hours, you may feel faint as your blood sugars may be low.

What should I bring with me for a colonic hydrotherapy session?

Bring a juice to have post treatment, and some water. Plan to have some soup, or some other light healthy food post treatment. If you are diabetic be sure your blood sugars are stable before treatment and all meds have been taken as per your prescription.

Will I lose weight if I have colonics?

Certainly you will lose weight if you combine colonics with a healthy diet and exercise programme. In this case weight loss is very likely. There is no guarantees that you will lose weight after a colonic even though many people report losing an average of 3LBs in the weeks post treatment, and certainly there are people who chose the treatment as they believe it helps reduce bloating and flatten the tummy.