FAQs Colonic Irrigation

Are colonics good for you?

In the world of complementary therapies, and certainly among natural wellness supporters there is much praise for the treatment of colonic hydrotherapy but within the medical, there are those who believe that drugs and laxatives are best.

Do doctors support colonics?

Since its not a medical treatment some doctors do and some don’t. “I’ve had a colon hydrotherapy device in my office for twenty-five years,” states Michael Gerber, MD, of Reno, Nevada. “My present staff person who dispenses colon hydrotherapy under my jurisdiction uses it for all types of patient difficulties. The basic concepts of the science has not changed much in the last twenty-five years; however, the colon hydrotherapy equipment has improved immensely. How the equipment works so effectively is nothing short of astounding.

What is the worst that can happen with colonic hydrotherapy?

Cramping can happen during and post colonic treatment especially when fizzy drinks, raw foods, salads or alcohol are consumed. Even probiotics drinks are best avoided for the 72 hours post treatment as they can produce gas which can be very painful.

What should I do if I get cramping after colonics?

Follow the aftercare, and if suitable ask your pharmacy for Buscopan.

What is the recommended aftercare for colonic hydrotherapy?

Colonic irrigation at Dublin Vitality Centre aims to boost health and restore balance as part of functional gut health protocol.



  • Fast for at least 2 hour in advance of your colonic irrigation treatment.
  • Schedule your treatment on a day that you dont need to do very much. Because colonic irrigation exercises an involuntary muscle, you may feel very tired. Involuntary muscles require four times more energy than voluntary muscles.
  • Avoid the gym post treatment for 24 hours.
  • Make sure you get to bed early after your colonic irrigation treatment as your body will need a good rest.
  • Prepare food which will easily move through the colon. Ideal foods to eat after colonic irrigation are vegetable soup, brown rice and vegetables, quinoa, fish and white meats.
  • Avoid large amounts of heavy white carbohydrates such as white bread, white pasta and white rice.
  • Your colon drinks in water during the treatment so you will be hydrated. Keep hydration levels optimal by drinking at least 2 litres of water per day. This will keep your bowel moving.
  • You may not need to pass any matter for 2 days after your colonic irrigation treatment. This is quite normal. If the bowel does not return to normal function after this time, you may need more treatments.
  • A clean liver reacts quickly to the affect of alcohol. Therefore, it is best to avoid alcohol after your treatment.
  • A probiotic is recommended after your colonic treatment. It is advisable to take a course of probiotics after and during a course of colonics.