Detox Body Mind Colonics

A sluggish bowel and colon can really get a person down. It has been suggested that when constipation is present, serotonin in the gut bowel (the happiness hormone) slows down. Whatever the reason that full, heavy sluggish feeling is one that almost everyone can identify with. Nobody wants to feel that way.

Some people find that having colonic hydrotherapy helps to clear and calm their mind. This may be due to a reduction in hormones circulating in the body which are cleansed away from the liver and bowel during the colonic, including those entering and circulating in the brain. Or it could be down the fact that the body gains hydration through the process of colonics, all very good reasons to have colonics.

If you are undergoing a detox or wish to embrace mindfulness, and wellbeing consider undergoing colonic hydrotherapy as part of a healthy lifestyle plan along with changes in diet, and you too may benefit from a calmer body and mind and glowing skin.