Laser Teeth Whitening - Special Offer Teeth Whitening €99 Not €250 at Dublin Vitality Center by Dental nurse trained therapists

ZERO PEROXIDE, ZERO SENSITIVITY TEETH WHITENING causes no pain, no discomfort and no damage to enamel whilst achieving even brighter whiter results. Try the next generation of laser teeth whitening for yourself.


Laser Teeth Whitening - Special Offer Teeth Whitening €99 Not €200

Teeth Whitening - Special Offer €99 Not €250

Dublin Vitality Center in Blanchardstown Village provides teeth whitening ideal for those with sensitive teeth. In some methods of laser teeth whitening its possible to experience a painful sensation during treatment caused by high levels of peroxide. Newer methods ensure excellent results with no painful sensitivity during or after treatment and no damage to enemal. Laser teeth whitening is provided by a qualified dental nurse.

ZERO PEROXIDE, ZERO SENSITIVITY laser teeth whitening treatment achieves a fantastic result in under one hour, whilst ensuring that no pain or sensitivity is felt. It is even suitable for those with very sensitive teeth. Instead of using peroxide the new formula consists of a safer non peroxide based product developed in the EU and recommended for those even with sensitive teeth. Now its possible to have beautiul white teeth with no damage to enamel and no sensitivity


Special Offer Price: Teeth Whitening €99 Not €250Read More €24.99 optional aftercare pen