How to prepare for Colonic Irrigation
Colonic cleansing is best done when the stomach is empty. It is beneficial to drink one to two glasses of water afterwards and eat a piece of fruit prepared fruit juice half hour later. The first one or two meals after the treatment should be light and not contain any food such as meat eggs cheese or friend food.

Why is a probiotic provided after Colonic Irrigation
Some people have expressed concerns about losing friendly probiotic bacteria in the colon as a result of colonics. It is actually much easier for the friendly bacteria to repopulate in a clean environment than in one filled with putrefied and fermented waste matter. Once the colon is cleansed, it takes 36 Hours to restore natural bacterial populations


What Does Colonic Irrigation Do For My Body?
A colonic removes not only harmful, toxic waste, but it also tones, hydrates  and rejuvenates the colon muscles. The repeated uptake and release of water improves the colons peristaltic action and reduces the transit time of fecal matter. In addition, colonic irrigation helps restores the colons natural shape, and stimulates the reflex  points that connect the colon with all parts of the body. This form of colonic cleansing can detach old crusted layers of waste from the colon walls, which permits better water absorption and hydration of the colon and the body as a whole. However, it may take a minimum of two to three colonic sessions for these latter benefits to take effect.
Is Colonic Irrigation Safe?
Colonic irrigation is a very safe and hygienic system of cleaning the colon. Rubber tubing caries water in the colon and waste out of the colon. The released waste material can be seen floating through a tube, showing the type and quantiy of waste eliminated. Although some critics claim that there are risks involved in the procedure, in many years I have worked with colonics, I have never seen any justifications for these claims. Not having a colonic from time to time, on the other hand, can be very risky, given todays high incidence of irritable bowel syndrome and colon cancer.




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How to prepare for Colonic Irrigation
Colonic cleansing is best done when the stomach is empty



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Why are Colonics Not Available in Hospitals?
Colonic irrigation used to be standard medical procedure in every good hospital until the 1920s. In Russia however, colonic irrigation remains standard procedure in all hospitals and clinic for all patients regardless of what types of ailments they suffer from. Patients undergo the colon cleansing upon entering the hospital. Russian physicians believe tht a toxic, congested body does not properly respond to their treatment programs. Some Israelis hospitals don’t even treat patients until they had a colon cleanse.
What Happens During Colonic Irrigation?
Colonic irrigation is also called colon hydrotherapy or colonic, is perhaps one of the most effective cleaning therapies. Within a short passage of time, a colonic can eliminate large amount of trapped waste tht may have taken years to accumulate. During the 40 – 50 minute session of colonic irrigation, a total of two to six litres of distilled or purified water is used to gently flush the colon. Through gentle abdominal massage old deposit of mucoid fecal matter (waste mixed with hardened old mucus) are loosened and subsequently flushed out by the water. 


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