What makes our colonic system so effective?

Of course all methods of colonics are valuable to your health as the body benefits from a clean and healthy elimination system. However, if you have ever considered the treatment and known instinctively that it could help you but were put off by the idea, then Dublin Vitality Center is for you. The tube is very small and is inserted just 1 inch into to rectum. The treatment is easy and pleasant and the results are amazing and immediate. There is no loss of privay and the body is not exposed at any time. Treatment is carried out by nurse trained therapists.



colonics for weightloss


Colonics may be beneficial for:

  • constipation Constipation/Diarrhoea
  • constipation Weak Immune System
  • constipation IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • constipation Weight Problems
  • constipation Skin problems,Acne, spots on back
  • constipation Circulation & Celulite problems
  • constipation Tiredness and Fatigue
  • constipation Flatulence/Bloating
  • constipation Sinus Problems
  • constipation Insomnia
  • constipation PMT or PMS
  •  constipation Infertility
  • constipation Depression
  • constipation Frequent headaches, Migranes
  • constipation Back & Joint pains
  • constipation Bad breath (Halitosis)
  • constipation Body odour
  • constipation Irritability
  • constipation Confusion
  • constipation Skin problems
  • constipation Lower back pain
  • constipation Diverticulosis
  • constipation Colitis
  • constipation Parasitic infection



Colonic Irrigation - The Secret To Celebrity Youthful Looks

Harley Street Method Colonic Irrigation NOW €90 Not €120

It's health benefits have long been endorsed by madonnas, princess Diana and dr.Gillian McKeith. Colonic irrigation has been around since the early egyptians and for one good reason; it works.

The latest celebrity to sing the praises of this wonder treatment is the ageless millionaire mugol, Simon cowell.


Simon Cowell undergoes regular colonic irrigation because it gives his eyes an extra sparkle, a new book has claimed. And he is quite right. Due to the hydrating detoxing benefits of colonic irrigation, eyes sparkle with renewed vitality . This is just one of the many health benefits of colonics. Simon has also stated that he finds the colonic irrigation treatment cleansing and that it is one of a number of steps he takes to stay looking younger. 


Infact, he is not alone, It is long believed that ridding the body of harmful toxins free radicals can prolong a youthful appearance and a healthy body. It may also promote a healthy mind and clear thinking. And if Simons annual income is anything to go by, he is certainly thinking very clearly.

According to Forbes , Simon Cowells annual earnings averaged $85 million per year in 2010 and 2011 which only goes to strengthen the old saying "your health is your wealth" .

Colonic irrigation is available from Dublin Vitality Center in Blanchardstown village and is provided by nurse trained therapists on the Harley street method which is exclusively available at Dublin vitality center in Ireland. Colonic irrigation is currently on special offer price deal of 70 euros instead of 105 euros. Detoxing liver enemas are offered at the special price of 50 euros . So if Simon Cowell is in town, we very much welcome him to visit us and share some more secrets to his success and time defying looks.



Special Offer Now On normally Harley Street Method Colonic Irrigation NOW €90 Not €120
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