Who is the Test Suitable For?


The Biomeridian Fulll Body MOT is popular with individuals who are seeking to optimise their overall fitness and health. It identifies imbalances in the bodys main systems. Nutritional advice is provided and the output chart is explained by the therapist.


The Biomeridian full body MOT is provided by a qualified Biomeridian nurse practitioner with additional nutrition and fitness training.


Full Body MOT Test - Biomeridian FDA Certified Medical technology E120 not E250 | Dublin Vitality Center

Full Body MOT Test - Biomeridian FDA Certified Medical technology E120 not E250 | Dublin Vitality Center

At Dublin Vitality Center, we use the very latest Biomeridan technology to provide full body health analysis.

Every human has their own physical potential. Top nutritionists have been using the advanced FDA certified Biomeridian Full MOT Health Test for decades to gain an accurate picture of their patients health. It is now possible to have this amazing body MOT test done exclusively at Dublin Vitality Center by Nurse Trained Certified Nutritional Therapists.

During the 60 minute test electrical energy readings are established on 72 points on the body. For accuracy the results are populated 4 times and cross checked against the extensive database. That is why the Biomeridian is the only Full Body MOT Health Test that is FDA certified and used exclusively by physicians in the USA.

During the 60 minute test, a state-of-the-art tool is used to measure 100+ different electrical "circuits" in your body on the hands and feet, related to specific organs and systems. 

The Biomeridian is a computerized nutritional assessment which determines if any of your body's organ systems are stressed or weakened.
The test measures the impedence level (how well electricity moves through living tissue) of each organ or organ system. By comparing these levels to the levels of normal, healthy tissue, we can see how well your organs are working. The BioMeridian Stress Test is the only FDA approved bioelectrical impedence measurment system. The test is very fast, and painless, giving you an amazing "inside view" of your body and health.

Once we determine where the problems are within your body, a health and nutrition programme can be introduced to restore your body system to optimal health.

Special Offer Price: € 120. Normal Price: € 250