How should I prepare for colonics and what is the aftercare?


To prepare your body, just fast for 2 hours. You may print full information here: .

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Will my tummy be flatter after the colonic irrigation?

Yes, your tummy will be flatter after colonic irrigation. The reason for this is because colonic irrigation clears 8 - 12 feet of colon. The colon can contain anything from 3 - 10 LBs of toxic matter, along with gas, mucous and impacted mucoid plaque.

Will I be bloated after colonic irrigation?

Colonic Irrigation will relieve you of bloating immediately. It will remove the gas and impacted matter which is causing discomfort in your transverse colon. In many cases, bloating occurs in the colon and not the stomach as the stomach is higher up than most of us realise.


Is Colonic Irrigation painful?

No it is not painful. You may experience some cramping as the impacted matter starts to move within your body. It is a very gentle treatment which takes 40 minutes. You may require abdominal massage during treatment or you may choose to have some privacy. You will be very surprised by how wonderful and easy this new modern method of colonic really is.


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