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Will I be bloated after colonic irrigation?

Colonic Irrigation will relieve you of bloating immediately. It will remove the gas and impacted matter which is causing discomfort in your transverse colon. In many cases, bloating occurs in the colon and not the stomach as the stomach is higher up than most of us realise.

Will I become dependant on colonic irrigation?

No, infact the opposite. If you have been taking laxatives, your colon may have reduced muscular action. The reason for that is because laxatives are designed to "relax" the muscles in the colon. But over time, the muscle in the colon becomes too weak and so it cannot move matter along by itself. Colonic irrigation helps your brain to recognise the signals that tell your colon to "move". This helps restore your colon back tooptimum health




Why do colon problems such as bloating, IBS and constipation occur?

.For a number of reasons. Many of us inherit a sluggish colon. Others assume bad toilet habits from the first day we go to school. We decide that we prefer to use the bathroom at home. We then carry that habit on throughout life. This means we ignore the "call" of nature until the brain simply switches off the message.

When that happens, our colon needs to be retrained. Colonic irrigation offers the best way to "switch on" the message once again.More of us can develop colon problems through bad diet and lack of exercise.

What can I do to achieve a healthy colon?

The best advice is to drink more water, exercise more and eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and veg as well as Colonic Irrigation.


Will my tummy be flatter after the colonic irrigation?

Yes, your tummy will be flatter after colonic irrigation. The reason for this is because colonic irrigation clears 8 - 12 feet of colon. The colon can contain anything from 3 - 10 LBs of toxic matter, along with gas, mucous and impacted mucoid plaque.


Will I feel dehydrated after colonic irrigation?

No, during colonic irrigation, water is gently brought into the colon. It is then released by the client. On release, it is taken away immediatley without exposure to the air.

The water is absorbed by the body. The colon takes what it needs and brings the water directly to the organs in the body that are thirsty. After colonic irrigation, your mouth will feel hydrated. Your eyes will sparkle with brightness. You may feel tired as your insides have just had a workout like never before.

Can I have colonic irrigation on my health insurance?

Unfortunatetly, the irish health service has not yet added colonic irrigation to their services covered. But it is very likely that colonic irrrigation will soon become covered because the Irish Government is aware that colon issues and cancers are cause for concern The latest data from the National Cancer Registry of Ireland shows that 2,174 new cases of bowel cancer were diagnosed in 2007. This is predicted to increase to approximately 3,300 new cases by 2020. Bowel cancer currently represents 9% of all invasive cancers. These figures show the need to look after our colons better in Ireland. We are involved in the promotion of colonic irrigation as a covered health service treatment. Please read our website here: Colonic Irrigation Ireland





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What is colonic irrigation beneficial for?

If you suffer from any of the following Colonic I Irrigation may help you:

If colonics work, why are they not available in hospitals?

Colonic hydrotherapy is a relatively expensive method of mechanically clearing the colon compared to laxatives and perscription drugs.When the bowel becomes too impacted and matter forms to a solid cement like state, laxatives may no longer work. Many of our clients come from medical professions themselves and many doctors refer clients to us when perscription drugs no longer work and the patient is experiencing pain and discomfort which is finally identified via ultrasound as impacted fecal matter in the oolon.



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